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Here you can find information in plain language. This website is about the Bavarian Office in Montreal.

Bavaria is a region in Germany.

Montreal is a town in Quebec.

Quebec is a province in Canada.

In Quebec, most people speak French.

In the other Canadian provinces, most people speak English.

Why do texts in plain language existe? 

We want many people to use and understand our website. But for some people, complicated texts are difficult to understand. For example: 

  • For people who cannot read well  
  • For people who do not speak English well 
  • For people who want to understand things quickly 

So we write our texts in plain language. Plain language means: 

  • We avoid long sentences
  • We explain difficult words
  • We avoid nouns in a row
  • We do not use unimportant information
  • We give information about how to use this website 

Which information do you find here in plain language? 

You find information in plain language about the following topics: 

  • Übersicht der Überpunkte in Stichpunkten (mit integrierten Links) 

What do you find on the website 

You now are on our website: 

You here find in plain language these topics: 

  • News and events of the Bavarian Office in Montreal 
  • Opportunities in Bavaria: for investors, scientists, students, job seekers 
  • Information about Bavaria 
  • Information about the country Canada and the province Quebec 
  • Tasks of the Bavarian Office in Montreal 

What is the Bavarian Office in Montreal doing? Why does the Office exist? 

The Bavarian government has many offices around the world. 

One office is in Montreal. 

Some countries are divided in smaller (federal) states: Bavaria is a federal state in Germany.  

Quebec is a province in Canada. 

Both regions work together. 

Important sectors are politics, economy, culture, and education. 

The Bavarian Office in Montreal seeks contacts from Bavaria for people from Quebec. 

Companies from Bavaria and companies from Quebec so can easily cooperate and trade products. 

In which areas do Bavaria and Quebec cooperate? 

The two regions of Bavaria and Quebec are similar.  

Both regions are proud of their culture and both regions have a good economy.  

So they have been friends for 30 years and have many advantages.  

Bavaria and Quebec cooperate in different areas: 


The prime ministers of Bavaria and Quebec signed a contract 30 years ago. 

This contract says that Bavaria and Quebec want to support joint projects. 


Quebec and Bavaria research jointly on new technologies: for example how to generate electricity that is environmentally friendly. Companies from Bavaria and from Quebec also realize joint projects. 


Students from Bavaria and Quebec can participate in student exchanges and visit the other region. Students can also study in the other region. They can receive money for this. 


We often organize cultural events or support them with money.  

For example, there are creative projects, such as music or films. 

Important events and happenings 

  • 30 years ago, the prime ministers of Bavaria and Quebec signed a contract. Since then, a group with members from Bavaria and from Quebec meets every two years to plan projects.  
  • The Bavarian Office in Montreal was founded 20 years ago. 

Prime ministers have often signed other contracts. This has strengthened the friendship between the two regions. 

  • Every year there is a German Christmas market in Quebec. The Bavarian Office in Montreal supports the German Christmas market. 
  • Groups from Bavaria and from Quebec often give concerts together.  

Here you can find actual news and events: Events – Bayern in Quebec.
But the texts are in difficult language. 

What are our tasks? 

Bavaria and Quebec work together in many areas.  

They have made already more than 600 projects. 

We support in Bavaria: 

  • Companies and businesspeople:  

There are companies and businesspeople from Bavaria who want to do business in Canada. 

We inform and advise them. 

We provide important contacts for a good cooperation. 

  • Scientists: 

We cooperate with the Bavarian Research Alliance. 

Together with them, we arrange contacts with scientists. 

So scientists from Bavaria and Québec can carry out jointly research projects. 

  • Cultural Institutions: 

We help to find contact persons in Bavaria for cultural institutions from Canada. 

Thus, joint cultural projects can be made. 

  • Students: 

There are exchange programs for students from Bavaria and from Quebec. 

Students can also be helped with money when they are abroad. 

For first work experience, students can do an internship at the Bavarian Office in Montreal. 

We support companies in Canada

  • We inform companies about the economy in Bavaria. 

We also support the companies in setting up partnerships with institutions in Bavaria. 

We work together with Invest in Bavaria 

Invest in Bavaria is an agency that looks for companies that want to work in Bavaria. 

  • Companies from Quebec and Canada can also inquire at the Quebec government office in Munich. 

For more information about the Bavarian Office in Montreal and its tasks, please visit: Bavaria-Quebec – Bayern in Quebec.

But the texts are in difficult language. 


Information about Bavaria 

Bavaria is the largest state and is in the southeast of Germany. 

Bavaria has borders with the neighboring countries of Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. 

In Bavaria live 13.1 million people, 1.5 million of them live in Munich. 

Munich is the capital of Bavaria. 

There is a good infrastructure in Bavaria, such as the two international airports in Munich and Nuremberg. 

There are also many well-known research organizations and universities. 

More information about Bavaria can be found here: Opportunities in Bavaria – Bayern in Quebec.

But these texts are in difficult language. 

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